Our Story

Life has an unexpected way of giving you amazing experiences you never even knew to ask for.

We knew we enjoyed cycling, we knew we loved to travel as a family, we knew we loved spending time with our friends, and we knew we loved wine. Little did we know that we would have to opportunity to combine all these blessings. During family bicycle trips in France and Italy, we were honored to be invited into the homes of families where wine-making had been handed down for generations. We could taste the passion in every glass they shared, as they told of how they respected their vineyards, and the meticulous care they used to produce their amazing wines. What a gift that was!

It was during one of those trips that we were given wonderful advice:

“Don’t save your best wine for formal occasions; celebrate your best wine with family and friends”.

Three years later we bought a one-acre lot on the Columbia River in Eastern Washington, thinking it would be fun to plant a few vines, make a little wine, to remember those trips by. But we soon discovered that, just as vines dig roots deep into the soil, they’d sunk those roots deep into us, too.

One month later we were digging test pits for soil content, had a vineyard consultant determining where each varietal would grow the best, and consulting with a winemaker who told us that our instincts had been right, that the soil around us was both unique and amazing, and we should buy more.

And so, with the acquisition of the amazing Clos CheValle as well as our Double D vineyard, Rocky Pond Winery came to life, born of love, dedication, and maybe a little-inspired madness.

We believe all the talented professionals who came into our lives to help develop our vineyards and to make truly great wines for us, were miracles sent our way that we need to celebrate. It was an experience we didn’t know to ask for, and yet a gift we were given.

And, keeping with the advice we were given – that wine is meant to be celebrated with family and friends – we are excited and honored to share this gift with you.


We invite you to become a friend, celebrate life to the fullest,
and join us at Rocky Pond.