Marji with Lines on Wines talks with David Dufenhorst and Shane Collins

After cycling trips through the vineyard lands of Italy and France, David and Michelle Dufenhorst decided they wanted to create a vineyard and winery in their home state of Washington. They fell in love with a Columbia River site south of Chelan, and started building a home. Although there were no vineyards along the river, the land was rocky and sloped nicely down to the Columbia. They hired vineyard consultants, who concluded the slope, soil, wind and water conditions were perfect for wine grapes. Double D Vineyard was born with a 30-acre purchase that has grown to 200 acres today, 125 planted to wine grapes. The Columbia River front land is so ideal for vineyards that a new AVA is on the verge of approval, to be named Rocky Reach, extending from Orondo south to the Wenatchee Bridge.

In summer 2017, Shane Collins left Tsillan Cellars to become winemaker at Rocky Pond Winery. He grew up on a fruit farm on the north shore of Lake Chelan and loves the taste profile of grapes grown in the area. He spends much of his time in Rocky Pond’s two vineyards, Double D on the river and Clos Chevalle on the south shore of the lake. He and the Dufenhorsts are very excited about their new winery not far from Double D, scheduled to be finished sometime in September. There is also a riverfront wine lifestyle community in the works, with 6 lots offering river access close to what will soon be a third vineyard. Boaters will be able to dock for food and wine pairings. The Pond area of Double D includes an amphitheatre for concerts and can be rented for weddings.

For its many outstanding, award winning wines and unique tasting experiences, Rocky Pond Winery was named 2019 Winery to Watch by Wine Press Northwest.

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